Monday, March 12, 2018

Prodigy WiFi - Smartphone and Tablet Control For Prodigy DCC Systems

For the MRC controller members of the Hostlers, MRC has made their entry into the Model Railroad WiFi controller market.
They list the following capabilities for the interface:
  • Works with MOST MRC Prodigy DCC system.**
  • ANY Brand Loco or DCC Decoder.
  • Plug-N-Play Setup and Operation.
  • Module acts as an interface between the two most popular smartphone apps:
  • WiThrottle for iPhone®, iPod®, iPod Touch® available on the Apple Store
  • Engine Driver® for Android™ devices, available on Google Play™
  • No JMRI® Software to Navigate or Computer Interface Needed.
  • No Bluetooth® Connection, Complex Wiring, or Home Network Needed (Router/Modem)
  • The MRC WiFi Module Will Run Up to 8 Smartphones or Tablets.
  • Create & Store Rosters, Custom Label Functions
  • Advanced Features Include Creating, Storing, and Operating:
    • Lighted Accessories/Accessories
    • Throw Track Switches
    • Universal Consists
JLWII2000 has a YouTube video review online.

The list price of $129.95 is a bit higher than Digitrax's LNWI at $79.00 but different systems, different solutions, right?

The majority of the above content is from the MRC web site.

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